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Have you ever struggled to accept something in your life? I have a feeling the answer is “Yes, as a matter of fact I’m struggling to accept something right now!” 

Chances are you’re facing some type of change because that’s what life is. Change. The world is designed to change regularly — even when it seems random and unexpected. You’ve noticed the change of seasons, haven’t you? You’ve also see how fast time passes, how quickly children grow up, and even how your brain fogs and slows as your body ages. 

Maybe you’ve even seen changes you’re unwilling to accept. The death of someone you’ve known and loved for years. The loss of a beloved animal companion. A new house that isn’t home, a new job with people you don’t know, a new neighborhood, city, or life that doesn’t fit the way the old one did.

If you’re struggling to accept your “new normal”, you are not alone.

Your Happiness Depends On This

One of my morning routines — which I missed while traveling for a month because I didn’t want to carry a heavy Bible and dislike reading online — is reflecting on Scripture. I’m particularly keen on the wisdom literature.

“The people of Israel saw the regularity in the heavens, in the life systems of the environment, in ordinary social encounters. They believed that there was an inherent order in the universe that could be discerned and should be followed. They were convinced that happiness depended on being in harmony with this order.” – an Excursus from Sirach in The New Interpreter’s Study Bible, page 1454.

Echoes of Harmony

Your Happiness Depends On It Echoes of Harmony
Your Happiness Depends On It – Echoes of Harmony

An observant person sees the harmony in the seasons that change, the old lives that die, the new growth that sprouts. A peaceful person accepts that there is a created order — a Grand Design — to the universe. A wise person commits to the belief that the Creator really is in control and really does work out everything for the good of those who follow Christ. And a joyful person lives in harmony with the orders placed in this world by God.

Above all, living in harmony means accepting God for who He is. This takes humility and perseverance, obedience and childlike faith. But oh, the joy and peace! Who cares about being happy when you have constant access to the depth and peace of a joy-filled life no matter what happens? It is sweet…and it is possible.

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