This, Too, Shall Pass — Echoes of Oak Trees

Is the whole world quarantined? It sure seems so! A cosmically ordained retreat, a lockdown of unprecedented proportions. For some people it might even be healthy, powerful time of going inward and facing what lies beneath. 

What are you learning about yourself? How are you weathering the storm? 

Maybe you’re fighting the silence and isolation. Maybe this forced retreat is painful and difficult; maybe you’re itching to get back to the buzz of activities, events, schedules, gatherings, meetings and distractions. Or maybe you’re distracting yourself in other ways, perhaps by riding the endless river of reports, breaking news and crucial updates.

This isn’t the first time we — as human beings over the decades and centuries — have faced a scary, deadly threat. Since the beginning of time humans have always gone through cycles of epidemics, pandemics, plagues, illnesses and conditions that take thousands (millions!) of lives. 

And it won’t be the last time we experience something like this.

This, Too, Will Pass

Last week I told you that everything is going to be okay. I shared Echoes of Comfort. And I still believe that now.

External circumstances do not shake me. No matter what happens in the world and my own personal life — despite the recent, sad passing of my father-in-law and the heartbreaking death of my favorite neighborhood dog, Kayla — I am more rooted than ever.

For years my life verse has been:

“I am like a tree planted along the riverbank

with roots reaching deep into the water. 

I do not fear when the heat comes

or worry in long seasons of drought. 

My leaves stay green 

and never fail to produce fruit.” 


~ Jeremiah 17:8

Now I understand why it is so important to memorize and build a foundation on meaningful life verses. If we recite them in less scary times of troubles and trials, we are prepared for big bad problems. If we are rooted in a life verse, we won’t shaken when catastrophes come and fear sweeps through neighborhoods and nations. 

We can’t be toppled if we are deeply rooted in the truth. We bend and flex, but we do not break. 

Echoes of Oak Trees

echoing jesus this too shall pass
This, Too, Will Pass — Echoes of Oak Trees

That seed of truth — a life verse that we carefully tended through all seasons — grows into a mighty oak. It becomes a tree of life. It carries the fruit, light and power that sets us free. That tree of life also gives us the strength and faith we need to uplift and enlighten the spirits of others.

The best time to plant a seed that becomes a powerful, life-giving tree? A hundred years ago. The second best time? Today. 

You already have the seeds of hope, faith, truth and joy planted in your heart. Now is the time to nurture them, to tend and grow them into the might oaks they were destined to be.

If you haven’t discovered your life verse yet, read How I Found My Life Verse – and How You Can, Too. It may take time, but eventually you won’t worry or wrestle with fear. Fear won’t even darken your doorstep, much less be something to fight.

With the love of Jesus,



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