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Jaipur Literary Festival ~ Echoes of the Spectacular

The Unexpected Gifts in Your Life ~ Echoes of the Spectacular

I stumbled across a real-life Spectacular Spectacular in India, from January 23-27! It’s more formally known as the Jaipur Literary Festival — also dubbed “The Greatest Literary Show on Earth” and a “sumptuous feast of ideas.” My travel guidebook says it’s the “world’s biggest free literary festival.”

Do You See What I See EchoingJesus

Do You See What I See? Echoes of Pleasure

My weekly Sounds of Silence contemplative prayer group meets in the sanctuary of an Anglican church. The other night, I looked up…up…up…way way up to the top of the tall, faintly glowing stained glass windows. There was a pane of clear glass. Directly in the middle of that window pane was the crescent moon, shining as bright as the sun in the dark night sky.

Color Me Happy Echoes of Connection

Color Yourself Happy – Echoes of Connection

Last week the editors of alive magazine sent me an assignment — and the topic is the most interesting one I ever received from them! There’s a message in this for you, too. An echo of connection, a reminder that everything in your life is happening for a reason.

List of Misdemeanors Echoes of Forgiveness

Your List of Misdemeanors – Echoes of Forgiveness

Did I tell you I joined a “Sounds of Silence” contemplative prayer group? It’s through an Anglican church; we meet in a holy little enclave just off the main sanctuary for two hours on Monday evenings. Lots of silence, reflection, and simply being still. Listening.

He is the One You Are Searching For Echoes of Belonging

The One You’ve Been Searching For – Echoes of Belonging

The belonging I’m talking about surpasses anything this world has to offer. It’s a sense of belonging to God, of knowing how much you matter — and believing that He has never, ever stopped searching for you. Jesus knows your name; you are not a “Missing Person” to Him. No matter how you feel or what you’re battling, you are not alone.