What is Lectio Divina Meeting God in Scripture

What is Lectio Divina? Meeting God in Scripture

How do you experience God’s presence or hear His voice in Scripture? What is lectio divina, and how do you practice this type of prayer in a group or by yourself? These five steps of lectio divina are clear and simple. They’ll help you hear the Holy Spirit, meet God in Scripture, and discern the presence of Jesus Christ in your life.

How to Meow and Purr Like a Happy Cat Echoes of Contentment

Like a Happy Cat – Echoes of Contentment

I don’t know about you, but my time and energy is too valuable to spend focusing on things I can’t change, dwelling on the past, or regretting stuff I said or did. Instead, I’m meowing and purring like a happy cat basking in the sun, licking the last of the fish from my paws and whiskers.

Laying Down Your Burden - Echoes of Rest

Laying Down Your Burden – Echoes of Rest

Simply noticing your thoughts and returning to God is the thing that makes the difference. That’s what changes your brain: the act of noticing of your thoughts and turning back to God. It’s not about “succeeding” or “doing it right.” And that’s why meditation and contemplative prayer is a practice. You are literally practicing God’s presence, peace and joy…and He then naturally spills over into your daily life. He changes who you are and how you carry your burdens.