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Jesus Christ the Key Current Issues in Theology Echoing Jesus

Christ the Key – Book Review

This book review — Christ the Key (Current Issues in Theology) by Kathryn Tanner — is part of my coursework for my Master of Theological Studies degree. I’m studying at Regent College in Vancouver, BC; this summer I took a week-long intensive course called THEO 500: Theology Overview.

Echoing Jesus How to Find your Life Verse

How to Find the Timeless Truths in the Bible

Some Bible verses have “timeless truths” that are applicable to Christians today. Other Bible verses are descriptive, which means they describe a specific situation, person, or event that happened more than 2,000 years ago. The descriptive Biblical insights aren’t timeless truths for Christians today — though they are valuable for mediation, reflection, and learning about God. How do you figure out the difference?

How Do I Communicate With the Holy Spirit? Echoing Jesus

3 Simple Ways to Talk to the Holy Spirit

Following Jesus is more meaningful and satisfying when you sense God’s presence through the Holy Spirit. But how do you talk to the Holy Spirit? What do you say or do in response to His still small voice? How do you know if you’re actually communicating with the Holy Spirit, or if it’s your own thoughts?