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What is Lectio Divina Meeting God in Scripture

What is Lectio Divina? Meeting God in Scripture

How do you experience God’s presence or hear His voice in Scripture? What is lectio divina, and how do you practice this type of prayer in a group or by yourself? These five steps of lectio divina are clear and simple. They’ll help you hear the Holy Spirit, meet God in Scripture, and discern the presence of Jesus Christ in your life.

How to Find Your Way Home ~ Echoes of the Moon

Finding Your Way Home ~ Echoes of the Moon

This morning I was walking backwards up a hill near my house. It was 5:45 am and still dark…except for the big bright full moon. What a clever moon! Last week it was just a crescent, rising and shining above the stained glass windows during Sounds of Silence (Do You See What I See? Echoes of Pleasure).

Freedom From Your Pain Echoes of Jesus

Freedom From Your Pain – Echoes of Prayer

My newest, most favorite way to pray is to hold a situation or person lightly in my hands. I gently cup it and sit beside Jesus. Shoulder to shoulder. I lean against Him, feeling His solid warmth and powerful presence. I don’t ask for a specific outcome or pray for anything in particular.