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How to Adjust After a Rocky Start – Matthew 2

You’re starting fresh, hooray! But you’re having trouble adjusting after a rocky start, boo. Maybe you want to quit because it’s too hard. Don’t give up, my friend. A rocky start after a new beginning means you’re on the right track.

How to Adjust After a Rocky Start Matthew 2.

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Your Purpose as a Child of God – Matthew 1

When I call you a “child of God”, I tell you the truth: He is your Holy Father and He created you on purpose. You are here for a reason. Your life has a purpose and meaning. You matter more than you know.

3 Ways to Stay Hopeful When You’re Starting Over

No matter how you feel about starting over — whether you’ve been pushed into a fresh start or you’re eagerly chasing something new — you’ll need buckets of hope, inspiration, and faith. And if you don’t have an ocean of God to draw from, you’ll drown in setbacks, disappointments, and frustrations.

Staying Hopeful When Youre Starting Over Echoing Jesus