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Your Mom Wants to Talk to You Echoes of Self-Compassion

Your Mom Wants to Talk to You ~ Echoes of Self-Compassion

“A mother, when her baby is crying, picks her up and holds her tenderly in her arms,” says Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh. “Your suffering is your baby. Your pain and anxiety is your baby. You have to take care of her. You have to go back to yourself, to recognize the suffering in you. You have to be kind and gentle to yourself.”

How Many Beats Do You Have Left Echoes of Uncertainty

How Many Beats Do You Have Left? Echoes of Uncertainty

I found out what I already suspected: I’m exactly halfway to my death date. That’s why I’m going on a spiritual pilgrimage to Nepal and India! I want to wander God’s earth, reflect on my past and wonder about the future. I want to heal. I want to be a healing presence. I want to die knowing I followed Jesus all the way home.

You Are More Good Than You Know ~ Echoes of the Cradle

You Are More Good Than You Realize ~ Echoes of the Cradle

She’s wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat, the lady sitting next to me. A tweed coat all buttoned up and a fuzzy pink scarf. Her name is Eileen. She’s a tall, skinny Brit with wiry corkscrew curls and thick glasses. She reminds me of a long-legged, long-necked stork. An eccentric, kind, curious bird.

What is Lectio Divina Meeting God in Scripture

What is Lectio Divina? Meeting God in Scripture

How do you experience God’s presence or hear His voice in Scripture? What is lectio divina, and how do you practice this type of prayer in a group or by yourself? These five steps of lectio divina are clear and simple. They’ll help you hear the Holy Spirit, meet God in Scripture, and discern the presence of Jesus Christ in your life.

Do You See What I See EchoingJesus

Do You See What I See? Echoes of Pleasure

My weekly Sounds of Silence contemplative prayer group meets in the sanctuary of an Anglican church. The other night, I looked up…up…up…way way up to the top of the tall, faintly glowing stained glass windows. There was a pane of clear glass. Directly in the middle of that window pane was the crescent moon, shining as bright as the sun in the dark night sky.