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List of Misdemeanors Echoes of Forgiveness

Your List of Misdemeanors – Echoes of Forgiveness

Did I tell you I joined a “Sounds of Silence” contemplative prayer group? It’s through an Anglican church; we meet in a holy little enclave just off the main sanctuary for two hours on Monday evenings. Lots of silence, reflection, and simply being still. Listening.
How You Blossom - Echoes of Inspiration

How You Blossom – Echoes of Inspiration

The story you’re currently caught up in isn’t the true story. There is another, greater, more real story. God is the author of that story, and His fingerprints are all over your life — even when you can’t see them. If you slow down and let Jesus catch up with you, you will start to see those fingerprints.
At Least Its Not Rats Echoes of Peace

At Least It’s Not Rats – Echoes of Peace

“There was a bat in our house!” I told my neighbor Jo as we walked our dogs through the forest. “At about 5 am, light was just dawning, and a little black bat with big wings clumsily fluttered over my head. It disappeared for a minute or two, then flew by me again. I had to duck!”
How to Share Your Faith With Your Boyfriend

4 Ways to Talk About Faith With Your Boyfriend

You’re a Christian woman who wants to follow Jesus, but your boyfriend doesn’t believe in God. How do you share your faith with your boyfriend naturally, without forcing conversations or conversions? Even more importantly, how do you stop your relationship from weakening your faith and bringing you down spiritually?