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How to Pray for Healing After Surgery Echoing Jesus

How Jesus Might Pray for Healing After Surgery – Matthew 4

These aren’t your typical prayers for healing because they’re inspired by Jesus’ temptation in the desert – even though Jesus wasn’t praying for healing after surgery. I am, and I’m also walking through Matthew. My tips for healing prayers are woven into the accuser’s attempts to destroy Jesus Christ. Also, these “prayers for healing” grew from what Jesus didn’t say and do.

Echoing Jesus How to Find your Life Verse

How to Find the Timeless Truths in the Bible

Some Bible verses have “timeless truths” that are applicable to Christians today. Other Bible verses are descriptive, which means they describe a specific situation, person, or event that happened more than 2,000 years ago. The descriptive Biblical insights aren’t timeless truths for Christians today — though they are valuable for mediation, reflection, and learning about God. How do you figure out the difference?