How Do I Communicate With the Holy Spirit? Echoing Jesus

3 Simple Ways to Talk to the Holy Spirit

Following Jesus is more meaningful and satisfying when you sense God’s presence through the Holy Spirit. But how do you talk to the Holy Spirit? What do you say or do in response to His still small voice? How do you know if you’re actually communicating with the Holy Spirit, or if it’s your own thoughts?

Echoing Jesus Christians Grieving Loss With Hope and Faith

How Do You Grieve With Hope and Faith?

Grieving loss is hard and it hurts, even if you’re a Christian who believes you’ll be reunited with your loved ones in the new heaven and earth. Worse than grief, for me, is learning how to actually live without the person I loved and lost. The emptiness and loneliness feels more real and painful than the death itself. Death is surreal…it’s the day-to-day life after loss that’s the real struggle.