How to Adjust After a Rocky Start – Matthew 2

You’re starting fresh, hooray! But you’re having trouble adjusting after a rocky start, boo. Maybe you want to quit because it’s too hard. Don’t give up, my friend. A rocky start after a new beginning means you’re on the right track.

How to Adjust After a Rocky Start Matthew 2.

echoing Jesus Divorced Christians and Remarriage

What Jesus Says About Divorced Christians and Remarriage

Surviving a Christian divorce is painful and difficult — but what about getting remarried? What does Jesus say about divorced Christians remarrying? Imagine asking Jesus Christ, “Can I as a divorced Christian get remarried?”

child of God echoes of dawn

Your Purpose as a Child of God – Matthew 1

When I call you a “child of God”, I tell you the truth: He is your Holy Father and He created you on purpose. You are here for a reason. Your life has a purpose and meaning. You matter more than you know.