Just a Quick Note ~ Echoes of Rest

Yesterday was my father-in-law’s funeral, and I just don’t have the gumption to muster up an echo of anything! I’m sad. But that’s okay, because it’s healthy to be sad when sad things happen. 

Like the rest of the world, I’m hibernating — but unlike most of the world, I’m not hibernating at home. I’m hibernating under a thick blanket of snow and freezing cold temperatures in Edmonton, Alberta. Someone forgot to tell this province that it’s April 1st and the spring equinox has come and gone! Brrr.

But this, too, shall pass. I firmly believe what I wrote a couple weeks ago in This, Too, Shall Pass — Echoes of Oak Trees. 🙂

Instead of my usual Echo of Joy, here are a few of my most recent blog posts:

4 Ways to Calm Travel Anxiety and Fear – What causes anxiety before traveling, and is it normal to feel fear before flying? Travel anxiety is caused by three main factors: 1) a personal disposition to nervousness (internal) ; 2) negative travel experiences in the past (external); and 3) news reports about traveling and flying (external).

How to Be Healthy When You’re Stressed and Depressed – You already know what the experts say about managing stress and depression: exercise, eat healthy, socialize. The problem isn’t information. The problem is that you don’t have energy or motivation to actually do healthy things for your mind, body and soul. The question isn’t “how do you get healthy when you’re stressed and depressed?” Rather, it’s “how do you motivate yourself to overcome depression and stress?”

Just a Quick Note - Echoes of Rest
Just a Quick Note ~ Echoes of Rest

What Your Favorite Dog Breed Reveals About You – What does your favorite type of dog breed reveal about your personality traits? If you love Labradors, for example, are you more family-focused? What about terriers, pit bulls, whippets, hound dogs? What your favorite dog and breeds says about your personality traits may surprise you.

 How Do You Accept the Death of Your Beloved Cat? Your cat isn’t “just a cat.” The bond you shared with your beloved kitty cat is deep, and your heart and home will never be the same. Coping with the grief and accepting your cat’s death isn’t a quick or easy process; don’t let anyone make you feel foolish about the grief or loss you feel after your cat dies. 

How to Stay Motivated When You’re Writing About Something Boring – Dull content can be the kiss of death – even for writers who love to write! Whether you’re a student writing about a boring topic for school or a freelance writer researching the history of the typewriter (yawn), you won’t write well if you’re bored. No matter what type of writer you are – New York Times journalist or medical blogger – you can write in a snappy, engaging style even if your subject matter is serious.

Will Tibetan Herbal Medicine Make You Healthy? – One of the best parts of the Tibetan Encounter Tour in Nepal was a free health consultation with a Tibetan doctor. Tour guide Thupten Gyatso took us to Tashiling settlement’s health clinic near Phewa Lake in Pokhara. My first encounter with Tibetan herbal medicine — and those tiny hard-packed herb balls, pictured below — was with Dr Youdon Tsering, a Tibetan medical doctor.

“I am like a tree planted along the riverbank, with roots reaching deep into the water. I do not fear when the heat comes, or worry in long seasons of drought. My leaves stay green and never fail to produce fruit.” – Jeremiah 17:8.

With love from my little igloo,



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