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I have to tell you about the most amazing woman I met at our church’s community group last week! She’s about 50 years old; she and her husband moved from Korea to Vancouver a month ago. They have a 10 year old son who doesn’t speak English yet; he’s just starting grade 5. 

Sounds like your typical immigration story, doesn’t it? Not quite…what struck me was that her husband didn’t want to leave Korea. She believed moving to Canada would be best for them as a family — even though their parents are aging and would miss them. She convinced her husband to give Vancouver a try for a year…and here they are. 

So far, so good. Their son loves school even though he doesn’t understand anything except his name. Her husband is happy with the neighborhood, church, lifestyle and even the weather (he hasn’t experienced a Vancouver winter yet). They’re working full-time at their old jobs in Korea (telecommuting — they came equipped with their own work).

Three things stood out about this woman:

  1. She believed this move was right for her family so she convinced her husband to give it a try. Moving halfway across the world by yourself is a big risky undertaking — and she has a reluctant husband and young non-English-speaking son. Talk about a leap of faith. 
  2. She said her father taught her to say these words to her husband first thing every morning: “Thank you.” I have a feeling she does it — and perhaps her gratitude and love is partly why he agreed to this adventure.
  3. Most importantly, she didn’t have to say a word of encouragement to be such a huge inspiration! She’s not trying to teach women how to live their best lives, become all they can be, take risks or go on adventures. All she is doing is living her life authentically, fully, and faithfully. She is alive, and she is sharing her life with us.

I have a feeling that even when problems arise — because they will — she will know she did the right thing. She will roll with the problems with humility, grace, and hope. She will always know that she didn’t just discern God’s still small voice, she kept listening and following Him despite some pretty major obstacles.

How You Blossom

How You Blossom - Echoes of Inspiration
How You Blossom – Echoes of Inspiration

This isn’t just her story. It’s your story, too. You’re facing obstacles — stubborn family members, unlikeable coworkers, difficult neighbors, painful losses, loneliness and grief. You’re not overflowing with peace, joy and love. You don’t know what to do next with your life…or maybe you do know but circumstances are preventing you from moving forward.

But take heart, for your life isn’t over yet! Remember our beautiful Korean friend, who didn’t let her husband’s reluctance, her family’s sadness, or her son’s comfort stop her from listening to her heart. Remember that you’ve been through difficult seasons in the past, and you weathered those storms. 

Above all, remember that the story you’re currently caught up in isn’t the true story. There is another, greater, more real story. God is the author of that story, and His fingerprints are all over your life — even when you can’t see them. If you slow down and let Jesus catch up with you, you will start to see those fingerprints. If you learn how to discern the Holy Spirit’s still small voice, you will blossom in ways you never thought possible.

If you’re struggling to discover your purpose in life (or even just the next step!), read How to Blossom Into Who God Created You to Be.

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