How to Be Bald and Happy ~ Echoes of Ivory

Have you ever obsessed about a strand of hair in a can of white paint? Imagine that you bought a gallon of fresh white paint. Finally, you get to paint your walls the exact shade of ivory you’ve been dreaming of.  

But when you open the can, one of your hairs takes a flying leap and lands smack dab in the middle of the lake of paint. It sinks, impossible to fish out. You just know that hair will be forever sealed in the wall after you paint it — probably right at eye level so it’s the first thing you see when you turn on the light. Jammit!

Tell me. What are you most likely to focus on: the errant hair or the gallon of ivory whiteness? 

Let’s say the can of white paint represents a roof over your head, food in the cupboard, instant digital connection to the world, a bed to sleep in. Maybe you even have friends and family, kind coworkers or neighbors, a dog or cat or parrot, a job, enough money to get through the day or even the month. Maybe you have electricity, heat, water and a toilet that flushes! Wow. And to top it all off you’re alive. You’re breathing…and maybe you’re even healthy, comfortable, and safe.

That’s good stuff.

Now, pretend that the strand of hair is the problem or pain that is troubling you. It’s something wrong in your life — perhaps a relationship that shouldn’t have broken up, a person who shouldn’t have died, a mistake that shouldn’t have been made, a job that shouldn’t have been lost…or even a disease that shouldn’t have descended.

That’s the bad stuff. 

How to Be Bald and Happy ~ Echoes of Ivory
How to Be Bald and Happy ~ Echoes of Ivory

What is your strand of hair? Maybe you have a whole head of hairs that are wildly out of place, a rat’s nest of tangles and knots. There is no doubt that your hairy loss is painful and sad! I’m not downplaying grief, fear, injustice or anxiety; in fact, my heart breaks for the pain in this world, the unfairness, confusion and injustice.

And my heart breaks for people who only focus on what doesn’t belong and what shouldn’t have happened. They briefly notice the taste of strawberries, the warmth of the sun, the joy of fresh air, the sounds of birds, the company of friends and family, the luxuries and comforts that are so familiar that they’re expected and even demanded…but they spend most of their time tangled in hairs they’ll never get out of the paint.

Go bald. Instead of wrestling with the wild hairs in the rat’s nest, just go bald!

How to Be Bald and Happy

If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted to shave your head. It’d be glorious: we wouldn’t have to worry about errant hairs falling into cans of fresh paint! We wouldn’t have to spend time or energy fussing with our hair. We’d save money on hair products, and the landfills would be lighter. Hairstylists would be sad but they’d create ways to beautify the baldness.

Bald isn’t just beautiful: it’s smooth, light and easy.

Can you be bald without shaving your head? I bet you can. In fact, I know you can because I’ve been experimenting. And my tests and trials have shown me that being bald and happy is surprisingly easy.

I’m bald and happy when I feel my grief and acknowledge the pain and suffering in the world, but I don’t sink into it. I hold pain in my cupped hands and lift it to God. I hold people and cities and countries in my hands — but I don’t keep their pain. I bring it into the presence of the Holy Spirit. I sit quiet and still in His presence. And then I leave the pain there. 

Jesus knew that we’re too little to bear the burdens of the world. In fact, he said we don’t even have to bear our own burdens, much less the world’s problems.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” ~ Matthew 11:28-30.

You may not be ready to go bald, but can you rest in God’s presence for 10 minutes today? Try it. Rest your gently cupped hands in your lap. Take a deep breath. Bring your burdens into the Lord’s presence. The Holy Spirit is hovering; give Him time to descend into your heart, soul and spirit.

Be still, and know He is God.

With His love,



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