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What Are You Waiting For Echoes of Anticipation

What Are You Waiting For? Echoes of Anticipation

Sometimes waiting is good and healthy — a time of preparation and anticipation. But sometimes waiting is an excuse to passively accept a hopeless situation or life of quiet desperation. We say we’re waiting and even praying, but we’re really just stuck.

Color Me Happy Echoes of Connection

Color Yourself Happy – Echoes of Connection

Last week the editors of alive magazine sent me an assignment — and the topic is the most interesting one I ever received from them! There’s a message in this for you, too. An echo of connection, a reminder that everything in your life is happening for a reason.

Freedom From Your Pain Echoes of Jesus

Freedom From Your Pain – Echoes of Prayer

My newest, most favorite way to pray is to hold a situation or person lightly in my hands. I gently cup it and sit beside Jesus. Shoulder to shoulder. I lean against Him, feeling His solid warmth and powerful presence. I don’t ask for a specific outcome or pray for anything in particular.

Laying Down Your Burden - Echoes of Rest

Laying Down Your Burden – Echoes of Rest

Simply noticing your thoughts and returning to God is the thing that makes the difference. That’s what changes your brain: the act of noticing of your thoughts and turning back to God. It’s not about “succeeding” or “doing it right.” And that’s why meditation and contemplative prayer is a practice. You are literally practicing God’s presence, peace and joy…and He then naturally spills over into your daily life. He changes who you are and how you carry your burdens.

He is the One You Are Searching For Echoes of Belonging

The One You’ve Been Searching For – Echoes of Belonging

The belonging I’m talking about surpasses anything this world has to offer. It’s a sense of belonging to God, of knowing how much you matter — and believing that He has never, ever stopped searching for you. Jesus knows your name; you are not a “Missing Person” to Him. No matter how you feel or what you’re battling, you are not alone.