5 Ways God Answers Prayer – Echoes of Trust

“God is not disillusioned with us,” says 84 year old Christian evangelist Luis Palau. “He never had any illusions to begin with.”

Isn’t that lovely? Nothing you could ever do or say is disappointing to God because He knows you inside and out…and He loves you through and through.

But wait, it gets better! This preacher — who is fighting joyfully, deeply, faithfully fighting cancer — shared five ways God answers prayer. Luis Palau was talking to Canadian pastor and bestselling author Carey Nieuwhof on this episode of Carey’s leadership podcast: Luis Palau on His Friendship With Billy Graham, How Evangelism Has Changed, and How to Be More Alive At Age 84 Than Most 24 Year Olds.

Listen to the podcast — especially if you want to learn more about sharing the gospel naturally and easily. You’ll also learn lots about joy, freedom, faith, living with cancer…and five ways God answers prayer.

5 Ways God Answers Prayer

  1. Yes — I Thought You’d Never Ask!
  2. No — I Love You Too Much
  3. Yes — But Not Yet
  4. Yes — And Here’s More!
  5. Yes — But Different Than What You Thought

Luis added that his favorite way God answers prayer is “Yes — And Here’s More!” 

Not me. My favorite is “No — I Love You Too Much.” 

5 Ways God Answers Prayer Echoing Jesus
God answers prayer

I love the idea that God doesn’t just give me whatever I pray for. I often feel like I don’t know what to pray because I really don’t know what’s best! What might seem like a good thing — an answer to prayer — may have hidden costs or even serious problems. And what might seem like a bad thing — God not answering prayer the way I want — may have hidden benefits or even treasures beyond my wildest dreams.

What about you…what is your favorite way God answers prayer? There are no right or wrong answers. This is between you and God 🙂 

On Echoing Jesus this week:

How I Found My Life Verse – and How You Can, Too – “How can you not have a life verse?” asked the pastor at Lynn Valley Full Gospel Church. “A life verse is crucial! It’s an anchor in the storm, a lighthouse in the dark, an embrace on the long, lonely, cold nights of the soul.

When You’re Lukewarm for the Lord – King Josiah – You’re dealing with the trials and troubles of daily life…and your problems are not trivial. They’re important, and they require your time and attention! But if you feel lukewarm for the Lord and wish you felt His presence more, perhaps you’re giving the problems of daily life more attention than they deserve.

Deciding Where to Live in a New Stage of Life – Matthew 4 – You’re making one of those big life decisions: “Where should I live?” You’re already following Jesus Christ — but God hasn’t dumped an apartment, neighborhood, or city in your lap.Yet. Luckily, I’m reading Matthew 4 and learning how we disciples can follow Jesus everywhere…and that includes deciding where to live. 

May you find beauty, joy, delight and freedom in unexpected places this week. May you trust God to answer prayer the way He knows best. And may you hear echoes of Jesus Christ and follow nudges of the Holy Spirit everywhere you go.

With His love,


P.S. If you tend to get distracted when you pray, read 3 Easy Ways to Stay Focused When You Pray


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